Hillary Clinton’s Email Company: No Evidence That Her Server Had A Backup

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The company that stored Hillary Clinton’s private email server tells Breitbart News no backup of Clinton’s server has ever been known to exist.

“No data or backups have ever been known to exist or have ever been in the possession of Platte River Networks,” a representative for the company said in an interview.

The revelation raises grave questions about Clinton’s record-keeping, considering that she used another server at her home that is no longer in anyone’s possession — let alone FBI investigators.

As Breitbart News first reported, Clinton’s email account contained multiple emails that were classified when they were first sent, despite her campaign’s claim to the contrary. The State Department has already found more than 300 emails from Clinton’s inbox that could contain classified information.

Platte River Networks tells Breitbart News that it doesn’t know whether any security breaches occurred on the server prior to June 2013.

The company representative confirmed that Denver-based Platte River Networks was hired by the Clinton family in June 2013, five months after Clinton left the State Department, to secure the private email server that she used to conduct official government business. Platte River Networks was paid by the Clintons personally.

The company went to Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, picked the server up from her basement, and transported it to a different company’s data center in New Jersey. The data center was selected by Platte River, and not by the Clintons or by anyone at the State Department.

Platte River Networks got the Clinton job by submitting a proposal to take over the server shortly after Clinton left the State Department. The Denver-based company beat out other competitor proposals. Though the company was not cleared to handle classified information, Platte River never saw verification that there was classified information on the server, and, after all, they were personally hired by the Clintons, according to the representative.

The server is now in the possession of the FBI, which is conducting an investigation into Hillary’s private email use alongside the Department of Justice and other federal government agencies.

But the server in question is not the only one that Clinton used. Her first server was installed at her house in 2008 by Clinton staffer Justin Cooper and her second server – the one now presumably in the government’s possession — was installed and overseen by State Department adviser Bryan Pagliano until Platte River took over.