Hillary Clinton: Obama Doesn’t Get The Credit He Deserves

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In New Hampshire
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says “President Obama doesn’t get the credit he deserves” for the economy.

Appearing at a town hall at William U. Pearson Community Center in North Las Vegas, Nevada, Clinton offered open support for Obama, with whom she vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend. Her praise for Obama’s efforts to handle the financial meltdown marked a rare instance of Clinton going to bat for Obama, whose record could present a liability for Democrats in 2016. Clinton also praised Obama’s policing commission and post-Ferguson recommendation for police body cameras.

Clinton spoke of the need to elect a Democrat to build on “the successes of these two [Obama] terms” so that the country won’t end up “going back to the land of trickle-down economics, one of the worst ideas of the 1980s along with shoulder pads and big hair.”

“Why does it always take a Democratic president to fix the problems that the Republicans pass on?” Clinton said, making implicit reference to both Presidents Bush.

Clinton claimed that her husband and also Obama told her early in their terms, “It’s so much worse than they told us.”

Clinton made an appeal to the issue of gender pay, in response to a manipulative question from a little girl who asked the candidate if she would be paid the same as male presidents in the White House.

“Did you all hear that?” Clinton said, gleeful at the question, as the crowd applauded.

“President is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same,” Clinton said, adding that she’s going to make sure that “not just the president gets paid the same, whether it’s a woman or a man, but that every woman gets paid the same.”

Clinton also discussed the Trayvon Martin case and the need to re-write Stand Your Ground gun laws, though she noted, “I don’t know what the laws are here in Nevada.”

Clinton’s Democratic stalking horse Bernie Sanders was also stumping in Las Vegas Tuesday.