Breitbart Primary: Surging Donald Trump Takes Lead

Donald Trump Breitbart Primary

Donald Trump has surged into first place in this month’s Breitbart Primary, and it is the first time the businessman has taken the top spot since the Breitbart Primary launched two months ago.

As of August 19, Trump has 33.7% of the vote, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who won the Breitbart Primary in June and July, with 31.10%. Dr. Ben Carson, who overtook Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in last month’s Breitbart Primary for third place, is still in third place with 7.81%. Carly Fiorina, who has gained momentum since winning the so-called “happy hour” debate, is now in fourth place with 6.3%. Walker is fading–he is now in fifth place with 4.6%.

Here are top five in this month’s Breitbart Primary as of August 19:

1. Donald Trump: 33. 7%
2. Ted Cruz 31.1%
3. Ben Carson 7.8%
4. Carly Fiorina 6.3%
5. Scott Walker: 4.6%

There are 10 days left to vote in this month’s Breitbart Primary, and readers are encouraged to vote here.

Fox News and Megyn Kelly may have tried to stop Trump’s momentum during the Fox News debate, but his performance seems to have resonated with Breitbart Primary voters. Trump leads the post-debate voting with 35.8% of the vote, followed by Cruz (29.4%), Carson (8.7%), Fiorina (7.6%), and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who has 5.6%. Trump’s support also increased the most since the debate. Trump’s support increased 2.7 percentage points after the debate (31% pre-debate, 33.7 post-debate), and he was followed by Fiorina, who improved 2.5 percentage points (3.8% to 6.3%). Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who still only has 2.6% of the vote as of August 19, improved 2.5 percentage points while Dr. Ben Carson improved 1.4 percentage points (6.4% to 7.8%).

Cruz’s support, on the other hand, decreased the most (37% to 31.1%)–he dropped 5.9 percentage points since the debate. Walker’s support declined by 3.5 percentage points since the debate (8.4% to 3.6%).

Trump has been surging in all national and state polls since the debate. He leads the most recent CNN/ORC poll and is the Republican who does best against Hillary Clinton. He defeats Cruz in Texas and even bests Clinton, Rubio, and Bush in a Florida poll.

Fiorina and Carson, both of whom are non-politicians and political outsiders, have answered the questions of Breitbart News readers, and they have resonated with Breitbart Primary voters before they started to tick up in national and state polls. Fiorina and Carson have both been polling considerably better in the monthly Breitbart Primary polls than they have in the various national polls that were used to choose the 10 debate participants in the primetime Fox News debate.

Establishment candidates did not do anything in the debate to improve their standing among Breitbart News readers. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former New York Governor George Pataki, and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) again did not register 1% combined in pre-debate and post-debate voting.

Cruz edged Trump (28%-27%) in July’s Breitbart Primary while Carson finished third (16.6%). Fiorina finished sixth in last month’s Breitbart Primary with 3.1% of the vote while Rubio was seventh with 1.9%.

Here are the results of August;s Breitbart Primary before and after the debate:

Post-debate voting:

1. Donald Trump: 35.8%
2. Ted Cruz: 29.4%
3. Ben Carson: 8.7%
4. Carly Fiorina 7.6%
5. Rand Paul: 5.6%

Pre-Debate voting:

1. Ted Cruz: 37%
2. Donald Trump: 31%
3. Scott Walker: 8.4%
4. Ben Carson: 6.4%
5. Carly Fiorina 3.8%

The Breitbart Primary is reset every month, which means the results from the previous months are zeroed-out, and readers are encouraged to vote here.