Chicago-Area Store Clerk Feigns Reaching for Safe, Grabs Gun, Kills Alleged Masked Robber


On the night of August 25, Chicago-area store clerk Ahman Samhan feigned reaching to open a safe while actually reaching to grab a handgun, which he then used to shoot an identified alleged armed robber.

Samhan was working at his family’s Kwik Shop convenience store in Wauconda, Illinois, when the incident occurred just after 9 p.m.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the alleged robber “entered the store, pointed a weapon at a customer and…24-year-old [Ahman], and demanded money.”

Ahman bought time by telling the suspect he was going to open a safe behind the counter. Instead, he “grabbed a gun from a hidden location” and shot the alleged robber an unknown number of times. The alleged robber “collapsed to the ground.” He was pronounced dead at “9:42 p.m.” Police explained that the Samhan family has a .40 caliber handgun they keep in the store–a gun for which Wauconda Deputy Chief Tom Bender said they have “a firearm owner’s identification card.”

Lisa Marie Hewkin and her husband live near the store and heard the gunshots ring out. When they went over to see what had happened, Lisa said they “had to step over the body in the doorway” to get in.

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