Jeb Beats Hillary In Michigan; Trump Down Only -2


The bad news for Hillary Clinton just keeps getting worse. In the last presidential election, Michigan was safely in Democrat hands — bluer than blue. A poll released Tuesday, however, shows a sea change. Jeb Bush currently leads Hillary by +5 points, 45% to 40%. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is only -2 points behind Hillary, 42% to 44%.

Just last month, Hillary beat Jeb 40% to 37%.

Currently, Michigan has a Republican governor, Senate and House. While the media focuses on states like Virginia turning blue (because they are all narcissists who live in Virginia and like to report on themselves), in the Rustbelt a change is afoot. And not just Michigan. Pennsylvania is also looking like a potential 2016 GOP pick up.

Trump’s appeal to Michigan voters is obvious. White working class voters all along the Rustbelt have been ignored for decades by both Parties. Trump’s relentless talk about the Asian and Mexican trade deals that many believe have decimated this region speaks to them — Trump is hitting a sweet spot issue no one else has in a generation.


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