Team Jeb Fights Back: Conservative Record ‘Unmatched in the Entire 2016 Field’

Jeb Bush
The Associated Press

Former Governor Jeb Bush’s campaign reacted to a series of attacks from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this morning, suggesting that he was out of touch and criticizing him for a series of mistakes on the campaign trail.

In a statement to Breitbart News, spokesperson for Bush’s campaign Allie Brandenburger pushed back against Christie’s suggestion that Bush was lacking the necessary credentials to run a modern presidential campaign.

“Governor Bush’s conservative record of accomplishment is unmatched in the entire 2016 field,” Brandenburger said, pointing to the AAA bond rating in Florida under Bush, as well as a series of tax cuts and budget surpluses in the state.

Brandenburger also pointed to Bush’s plan to defeat ISIS, in apparent retort to Christie’s concern about re-litigating the entire Iraq war started by his brother, former President George W. Bush.

“Governor Bush is the only candidate in the field who has outlined a specific, forward-looking plan for defeating radical Islamic terrorism,” she explained.