Illegal Alien Charged with DUI After Crashing into House, Injuring Family of Five

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Police arrested an illegal alien from Mexico on Monday for a DUI, after he slammed a family of five into a house and tried to flee the scene in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

Julio Cesar Lavarga-Carranza tried to pass another vehicle but lost control of his car and crashed into the family around 6:20 PM local time, according to the TriValley Tribune. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office told local media he got out of his car and ran away before police later arrested him without a struggle. Two adults and three children younger than six years old were injured, but luckily not seriously. According to CBS5, Lavarga-Carranza and the family crashed into someone’s home.

Lavarga-Carranza is charged with criminal damage, hit and run, aggravated assault, and driving while impaired. The terrible accident was covered by a handful of local news outlets.

It could have been much worse. Illegal aliens driving drunk on American roads have spilled a great deal of blood — and the media, of course, throws stories of ruined or ended lives down the memory hole.

Perhaps one of the most egregious cases is of Detroit resident Tricia Taylor, who in 2002 had both legs amputated above the knee after illegal alien Jose Carcamo crushed her against a wall while drag racing drunk. Her horrific story was reported in local media outlets (all broken links, now), but no national news network bothered to note that an 18-year-old girl was mutilated by a man with absolutely no legal right to be in the country, whatsoever. Neither did any politicians, besides then-Rep. Tom Tancredo: “Carcamo will be out of jail in a few years, but Tricia Taylor faces a lifetime of pain and disability because of another failure by the INS to remove a dangerous alien.”

As a border state, Arizona suffers immensely from unchecked mass immigration; nearly 18 percent of all murder convictions in the state were criminal aliens, as Tancredo has noted. Just last month, Trichia Bracho and her two young children were nearly killed when an illegal alien high on drugs crashed head-on into her vehicle. Lavarga-Carranza’s carnage is simply the latest incident of an immigrant crime wave the media deliberately ignores.

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