American University Rewrites English Language to Adopt Bizarre Left-Wing Vocabulary

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In an official document, American University (AU) is actively instructing its students to use a variety of bizarre, left-wing “nonbinary” gender pronouns including “ze,” “hir,” “zir,” “per,” and “em.”

The document, which is printed on university letterhead and can be located on the website of AU’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion, is titled, “Pronouns: A Guide for the American University Community.”

It explains, “The practice of asking individuals what pronouns they use for themselves should be done in an effort to respect the diversity of gender identities beyond man and woman.”

AU instructs students not to “assume the gender of a pronoun,” explaining, “she/her/hers are NOT ‘female’ pronouns, and he/him/his are NOT ‘male’ pronouns.”

The two page guide includes a chart that breaks down the grammatical uses of pronouns, “often used by trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people,” like “ze,” “e or ey,” “per,” and others. It even goes so far as to explain the appropriate conjugations of these various pronouns.

The university warns students to “never argue with or question a person’s gender identity of pronouns,” and to “always ask what someone’s pronouns are.”

The guide instructs students on how to ask a person what their preferred pronoun is and explains why it’s important to ask, noting “you can’t always tell someone’s pronouns by looking at a person.”

It also tells students not to use the term “preferred pronouns,” because many people find it “insulting.”

This comes after it was revealed by Young America’s Foundation that students at AU’s freshmen orientation were asked to introduce themselves by noting their gender pronoun in addition to their name and hometown.

While not surprising, it is remarkable that a major university would espouse such radically progressive practices in an official document. The use of these pronouns was long isolated to extreme leftist communities but has surged on campuses in recent years.

When a student organization at The George Washington University, AU’s neighbor in Washington, D.C., attempted to mandate sensitivity training for all student leaders on proper LGBT pronouns, it caused an uproar of opposition in the national media because the school’s YAF chapter fought back.

Now, American University has decided to take this a step further and officially instruct students to adopt this leftist vocabulary.