Scott Walker Will Take Aim at ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ in Foreign Policy Speech

Scott Walker
The Associated Press
Charleston, SC

For the next phase of his campaign for President of the United States, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will deliver to the nation a key speech laying out his foreign policy ideas.

Walker will speak on Friday before South Carolina’s premier military school, the Citadel, hoping to set himself apart from the other Republican candidates for the party’s nomination.

With the central theme that America’s “retreat is over,” Walker will strike a defiant tone saying that America “will not be intimidated.”

In advance comments shared with Breitbart, Walker is set to tell the nation that the days of Obama’s weakness will end with a Walker presidency.

“The United States faces some serious threats in the world today,” Walker will tell the Citadel’s cadets. “There are some who would question whether our leaders are capable of rising to the challenges of our time and whether our country is capable of continued greatness. They suggest that our best days may have already come and gone.”

“I do not share that view of America. You see, the greatness of America is certainly not determined by the politicians in Washington who merely follow while others lead, or spend all of their days discussing a problem but never acting.”

Walker will take a jab directly at Obama, saying, “We’ve had enough of a President who proclaims that the greatest threat to future generations is climate change.”

Unlike the Obama administration, Walker will not shy away from identifying the enemy we face.

“We are at war with radical Islamic terrorism,” he says decisively in his advance comments. “It will not go away overnight. This is a generational struggle. And these radical groups will continue to grow if we do not destroy them.”

Walker will also tell the cadets that ISIS is certainly one of our biggest enemies.

“ISIS enslaves Christian minorities, targets the Jewish people, and burns innocent Muslim victims alive in cages. ISIS militants rape girls as young as nine and sell women into sex slavery. The human toll of these evil, unthinkable actions is immeasurable.”

But ISIS is not alone. Walker will also tell the cadets that Iran is just as vicious.

“ISIS is a radical perversion of Sunni Islam, but there is another face of Islamic extremism, and that is the Shiite regime in Iran.”

“Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran remains the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism. Iran is not a country we should be doing business with,” he adds.

Walker will come out in full force against Obama’s disastrous Iran deal. He will say that Israel is correct in its assertion that the deal puts all of us in danger. He also will call Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry’s ideas that Iran will defeat ISIS for us nothing but “delusion and wishful thinking.”

The Wisconsin Governor will note that the fight against radical Islam is not just something happening over there; it has already visited America.

“The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is real, and it is not limited to the Middle East. We have already seen traces of it on American soil in the attacks on Fort Hood, Boston, and Chattanooga,” his remarks say.

“I have a plan to keep our children and grandchildren safe from the threats of radical Islamic terrorism,” he will tell the cadets.

Walker will end his address with a strong message: “As President, I will send the following message: The retreat is over. American leadership is back, and, together with our allies, we will not surrender another inch of ground to terrorists or any other power that threatens our safety.”

“America will not be intimidated. And neither will I.”

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