Hillary Clinton Received Memo To Impeach Clarence Thomas

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The most recent round of released Hillary Clinton emails includes a memo by David Brock on impeaching Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The 7-page document dated October 24, 2010 and titled “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas” revisits the sexual harassment allegations from Thomas’ 1991 confirmation.

Long-time ally Sidney Blumenthal sent the memo sent to Clinton with the subject line “H: Brock memo here, many more ideas on this. S.”

The memo focuses on former prosecutor Lillian McEwen who had revealed in interviews with the Washington Post, New York Times, and an ABC News Washington affiliate that month that she had been romantically involved with Thomas during the time Anita Hill worked for Thomas. Hill had accused Thomas of sexually harassment.

McEwen was not subpoenaed to testify before the hearings and according to Brock’s memo, her  interviews in October 2010 were the first public record of the information.

The memo pulls quotes from the publications charging that Thomas kept pornography in the workplace, had an obsession with well-endowed women, and was interested in women at work interspersed with Thomas’ testimony denying such things.

The Brock memo further charges that evidence was suppressed in the matter, writing “There were five other individuals, including now McEwen, who had first-hand knowledge of Thomas’s behavior as Hill described it, but none testified in the hearing.” He further argues there was witness intimidation.

David Brock, a former conservative turned liberal activist, attacked Hill with his 1993 book “The Real Anita Hill.” He has since disavowed the book, saying he lied in it.

Impeach Thomas Memo To Clinton