Chris Christie: Use Fingerprint Technology To Track Immigration Visas

Chris Christie
The Associated Press

New Jersey governor Chris Christie explains his concept of using private sector technology to fix government problems, suggesting that the federal government start tracking immigrants with visas more closely.

“This is not hard to do … I think you can do it with fingerprint technology, the technology exists, and government doesn’t do this,” Christie said during an interview on the Fox News Channel this afternoon.

Christie detailed his new proposal after pointing out that private sector companies like FedEx already had the technology to track packages.

Instead of using a UPC symbol, however, Christie pointed out that it would be possible to track immigration visa holders using their fingerprints.

Christie explained that immigrants who overstay their visas should be flagged by a system similar to a fingerprint identification system used for criminals.

“We should be able to take take their thumb print when they come in, and then we should put them on a system after they’ve overstayed their visa,” he said.