Liberal Readers Revolt Over NYT’s Pro-Migrant ‘News’


The New York Times’ liberal readers are rebelling against the newspaper’s relentless cheerleading for the massive Muslim migration into Western Europe.

“The NYT’s has clearly taken a position on this,” said the most-liked comment to an article headlined “Hungary Defends Handling of Migrants Amid Chaos at Train Station.”

If progressives “spill a million young, largely unskilled, Muslim men, who have little education outside of memorizing a 7th century book… into the western world….well what could possibly go wrong?” said the comment from ‘thewriterstuff’ in Maryland. By mid-afternoon Sept. 3, That comment had more than 330 recommends amid 451 other readers’ comments.

“I’m European,” said the third most-liked comment from “Antonio.” “As politically incorrect as it might sound, allowing a massive influx of Africans and Syrians into our countries is tantamount to cultural genocide.”

“As someone who lost family members to the holocaust, I’m sensitive to the plight of those who flee war and oppression,” said the fifth most-liked letter, from Josh Hill from Connecticut. “Allowing the migrants to stay in Germany will only encourage more to make a hazardous journey, resulting in more deaths.”

“Cultures CLASH. Always have and always will. Might as well accept this,” wrote a Malaysian reader, ‘S.J. Yito.’ Migrants “bring much of the religious and ethnic nonsense that caused these countries to fail in the first place… [and] as always, the effect of mass immigration on the lower and working classes is much worse than for the elites,” said the comment, which scored more than 152 recommends.

The first letter that partly backs the NYT’s pro-migrant slant has only 91 recommends. “These people need our help and we should give it to them because they are human and our Christian beliefs require us to help those in need,” said Roxane in London.

The NYT’s diverse readers were reacting to the NYT’s criticism of Hungary’s prime minister for not welcoming the fast-growing wave of Muslim migrants that has been caused by the simultaneous collapse of Muslim societies and shocking decision by European progressives to invite millions of foreign migrants into Europe.

The article, “Hungary Defends Handling of Migrants Amid Chaos at Train Station” is topped by an emotional video of a Muslim father throwing himself, his wife and child onto train tracks, rather than return to his Muslim home. The 2.13 minute video showcases the crying woman’s plea to travel by train to Germany’s welfare state, where the government has promised to accept 800,000 migrants this year — and likely, millions of their relatives in future years.

“Please, please, we got to go” to Germany, pleaded the unidentifiable woman as she was surrounded by cameras and police.

The article targeted Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, who is blocking the passage of many thousands of migrants — and millions of potential migrants —by posting police on Hungary’s south-easter border.

“Speaking at a news conference in Brussels, where he was meeting with European Union leaders, Mr. Orban defended his government’s handling of the migration crisis… Asked whether Hungary’s approach was inhumane because it hampered the ability of people fleeing conflict to move on, and because the country is building a fence along its border with Serbia, Mr. Orban said… [that] creating the impression that migrants should ‘just come because we are ready to accept everybody — that would be a moral failure because this is not the case…the moral, human thing is to make clear: Please don’t come,” said the NYT’s report.

The article next highlighted criticism from the European progressive leaders who are encouraging the society-shattering migration.

Orban’s “words received a cold reception from Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council… [who urged] for the “fair distribution of at least 100,000 refugees” European countries. The German leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel “gave a pointed rebuke to Mr. Orban during [her] visit to Switzerland. ‘Germany is doing what is morally and legally obliged,’ she said.”

But the NYT’s readers overwhelmingly backed Hungary’s Orban, not the progressives.

“I’m on the side of the Hungarians here,” wrote ‘Caezar’ from Europe. “The Germans are acting appallingly… End of story. This situation is becoming infuriating.”

“Hungary is right,” said ‘schbrg’ from Dallas. “What Germany and the European Union should be answering is what Europe will do when 5,000,000 million more come. And them 5 million more….and then….”

“Good for Hungary,” said ‘Paul from White Plains,’ Ind.

“This is what an invasion looks like,” said ‘Guy in KC,’ Missouri. “Good for Mr. Orban for standing up for the wishes of the majority of his countrymen and for the future of prosperous and liberal Europe.”

Orban is replaying a traditional role for Hungary, and for the nearby countries of Serbia, Croatia and Rumania. For hundreds of years after the fall of Byzantium in 1453, up to the final Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683, the three countries served as Europe’s final wall of defense against Muslim invaders.

This year, Germany’s Angela Merkel started the rush by offering residence cards to every single Syrian who makes it through Hungary, including the many young men who could stay home to defeat that ISIS jihad army and the Iranian-backed dictatorship.

If the progressives keep the door open for a few years, hundreds of millions of Arabs and Africans will rush north to accept the progressives’ offer of residency in Europeans’ carefully built, civil and wealthy cities. Many thousands of migrants will die in the rush, and the migration of many better-educated youths will crash their homelands’ economies, sending more poverty-stricken people north to Paris and Munich, London and Amsterdam.

“Europe is signing its death warrant by inviting and building monolith groups of ethnicity that do not share Western ideals of Liberty, Secularism and Democracy,” said the NYT reader, ‘Raj S.,’ from Westborough, Mass.

“Anybody who has taken a stroll in German cities like Munich or even the larger Rhine river area will acknowledge that Germany just does not look like Germany any more. You will see a large number of veiled women herding their many children (girl’s again in veils) towards madrasas and Islamic seminaries,” he wrote.

“I feel very sad at the prospect of the inevitable death of European civilization which is probably the greatest that mankind has ever seen,” he said.

“Their liberal elite is selling of their countries in the interest of building their historic personal legacy,” he charged.