Alleged Gunman in Critical Condition After Demanding Sunglasses from CCP Holder

AP Photo/Al Behrman
AP Photo/Al Behrman

On September 2 a 17-year-old allegedly walked up to a car in which an exterminator was sitting, pointed a gun at him, and demanded his sunglasses. The exterminator–Joe Lanier–has a concealed carry permit and responded by firing “seven times.”

The unnamed suspect left in critical condition.

According to WXYZ 7, the incident unfolded in broad daylight “near the corner of Warren and Grayton on [Detroit’s] east side.” 24-year-old Lanier was “on the job” when the alleged gunman approached the car and demanded the glasses.

Lanier said, “The boy tried to rob me, and I shot him. That’s what happened.” Moreover, he explained that his being prepared to defend himself made the difference, saying, “That’s why he’s in the hospital and not me.”

Lanier’s mother is a concealed carry permit instructor, so he is very familiar with the guns and how to use one defensively.

His mother described the aftermath of her son’s response to the alleged gunman by saying, “The windows of his car were blown out.”

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