News Networks Went Two Months Without Calling Bernie Sanders A Socialist

Bernie Sanders
The Associated Press

Evening network news anchors went more than two months without mentioning the fact that Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders is a socialist.

Vermont Sen. Sanders is gaining on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, beating her in one New Hampshire poll, galvanizing left-wing crowds, and hiring up ex-Elizabeth Warren supporters and an activist press secretary to appeal to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The mainstream press is embracing Sanders’ insurgent candidacy and he’s surrounded by top-level consultants, so much so that Harvard law professor Larry Lessig actually jumped into the Democratic race Wednesday to attack Sanders from the Left.

When CBS News reporter Nancy Cordes said Tuesday that Democrats “don’t seem to mind that [Sanders] calls himself a socialist,” she snapped a veritable Joe DiMaggio hitting streak of media bias, according to a new study by the Media Research Center.

The networks had not uttered Sanders’ name in the same breath as the words “socialist” or “socialism” since July 3, when NBC News’ Kristen Welker called the left-wing contender a “once self-described socialist.”

“I am a socialist and everyone knows that,” Sanders said in 1990.

Sanders was identified as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, a spinoff group from the Socialist Party of America, in organizational literature as recently as the fall of 2014. But a Democratic Socialists spokesman told Breitbart News Wednesday that Sanders’ identification as a group member was merely a “typo” in a local newsletter.

Nevertheless, Sanders spoke at a promotional event for the socialist group, which tried to draft him for president and is strongly supporting his candidacy.