Politico: Cruz Plays the ‘Trump Card’

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump
The Associated Press

From Katie Glueck writing at Politico:

Donald Trump isn’t naïve about what Ted Cruz is up to.

Behind the Texas senator’s flattery, phone calls and his invitation to share a stage at the Capitol Wednesday, there’s a middle-of-the-pack rival with designs on Trump’s supporters. And the real estate mogul is well aware of it.

“I’m a very confident person,” Trump told POLITICO in an interview. “I’m not worried about giving someone else exposure, especially if that someone else is a person who deserves respect.”

In part, Trump’s comfort with sharing the spotlight with Cruz at a high-profile rally to oppose the Iran deal is a measure of the frontrunner’s supreme confidence in his ability to steal a scene. But it’s also a reflection of an unusual relationship that predates the presidential race – one that was initiated as much by Trump as by Cruz.

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