EXCLUSIVE: State Department ‘Email Czar’ Received Classified Hillary Clinton Emails

Kevin Lamarque AP

The “email czar” hired by the State Department to handle the agency’s response to the Hillary Clinton email scandal has a second hidden conflict of interest: she received some of the same classified emails that were also sent to Hillary Clinton via her private email system, Breitbart News has learned.

Secretary of State John Kerry appointed Janice L. Jacobs this week to serve as a non-partisan, non-political “transparency coordinator.” The recently retired bureaucrat will lead the State Department’s political response to the various Clinton email investigations in Congress and the various civil lawsuits filed by transparency groups.

Jacobs, who served as the State Department’s assistant secretary for Consular Affairs from 2008 to 2014 has two big conflicts of interest.

First, she donated the maximum $2,700 to Clinton’s current presidential campaign.

Second, sources have revealed to Breitbart that Jacobs was cc’ed on at least three emails that were sent to Clinton and which the State Department have classified in retrospect.

That puts her in a similar legal predicament as her former boss, who is also the likely 2016 Democratic candidate.

The shared emails discussed sensitive topics involving the North Korean regime’s relations with China and the urgent political situation in Haiti.

Jacobs was copied on an email dated February 8, 2010, in which top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills asked various government officials for help on the issue of a status of forces agreement (SOFA) in Haiti and other Haitian issues involving that country’s then-Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

Mills sent an email to Jacobs and others with the subject line “Re: PM Bellerive on Donors’ Conference, SOFA, adoptions, migrants, political dilemma and more.”

“Can you explain more on his goals for a SOFA given our joint communique,” Mills wrote to her colleagues in a partially redacted email that she forwarded to Hillary Clinton a few hours later.

Jacobs was copied on two other classified emails that Clinton received on the issue of North Korean border detentions.

Additionally, Jacobs was copied on a May 20, 2009, email that State Department staffer Kurt Tong sent to colleagues with the subject line “DPRK: AMCIT BORDER DETENTIONS UPDATE #47.” Mills forwarded that email to Hillary Clinton.

The State Department classified that email on June 30, 2015, and marked it “CONFIDENTIAL.” It is set to be declassified on May 20, 2030.

Jacobs was also copied on an April 1, 2009, email that diplomat Chris Bishop sent to colleagues with the subject line “DPRK/CHINA: AMCIT BORDER DETENTIONS UPDATE #13.”

That email–which is almost completely redacted by the State Department–was forwarded by Mills to Clinton, as well. It is also now classified and marked “CONFIDENTIAL.”