WaPo: It Might Be Time for Hillary Clinton to Start Panicking

hillary clinton
AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo

From Chris Cillizza writing at the Washington Post:

The latest piece of bad news for Hillary Rodham Clinton came in the form of a Quinnipiac poll out of Iowa on Thursday morning: Bernie Sanders, 41 percent and Clinton, 40 percent. Clinton, a presidential candidate, has dropped 11 points in two months in the state and now one in three self-identified Democrats say she is not honest or trustworthy.

The poll numbers come just days after NBC and Marist College released twin surveys in Iowa and New Hampshire that also spelled trouble for Clinton. She led Sanders in Iowa 38 percent to 27 percent — less than half her lead in a July NBC/Marist poll. In New Hampshire, Sanders led Clinton 41 percent to 32 percent — a 20-point shift from where the race stood in July.

Memo to Clintonworld: It might be time to start panicking.

I know it’s Sept. 10. I know there won’t be a vote of any sort until mid-January — at the earliest. I know that Clinton remains solidly ahead in national polling. I know that Sanders is not Barack Obama. I know that the Q poll has missed before — most notably in the Iowa Senate race in 2014 when it had the contest tied and Joni Ernst won by nine points. I know that Clinton has yet to begin spending heavily on TV in either of the first two early-voting states.  And I know that Sanders has yet to demonstrate any ability to appeal to non-white Democratic primary voters.

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