Delta State University on Lockdown, Confirms One Shooting Fatality

Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

UPDATE 1:15 pm EasternNBC News reports that “school officials and the county coroner’s office” have confirmed that a professor was killed on the Delta State campus Monday morning. At 1:10 pm Eastern Delta State tweeted, “Campus remains under lockdown. Please do not leave the building. Stay away from windows. More information will be sent out as available.”

On September 14, Delta State University tweeted an “active shooter” alert, placing the Cleveland, Mississippi, campus on lockdown and urging all students to lock their doors.

In a follow-up tweet, the school confirmed one fatality: “Delta State University has confirmed one fatality. Campus remains under lockdown. Please stay inside and away from windows. Campus remains under lockdown.”

Details on the apparent murder are scarce at this time, but Delta State reports that the “Mississippi Highway Patrol, Cleveland Police and Bolivar Sheriff’s Department are on campus” and says “more information will be distributed as available.”

Delta State University “prohibits the possession of pistols, firearms or other weapons in any form by any person other than duly authorized law enforcement officials on its institutions’ premises or at any of its institutions or student functions off campus, regardless of whether such person possesses a valid permit to carry such pistols, firearms, or weapons.”

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