Dilbert Creator: Trump Uses Same Tactics as Jesus and Founding Fathers

Scott Adams

The Daily Beast reports that Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, is confident he can name the next president:

Donald Trump is going to be president, and he will cruise to victory in the biggest, hugest landslide the American electorate has ever handed any candidate.

That’s what cartoonist and Dilbert creator Scott Adams is predicting—with a whopping 98 percent certainty.

Over the past few weeks, Adams has been devoting a chunk of his blogspace to his unified theory on why Trump can not only succeed at locking up the Republican nomination, but win the White House in a mega-landslide. He acknowledges his argument puts him in a diametrically opposing position to Nate Silver and other data-driven election-cycle prognosticators.

“This has nothing to do with any logic,” Adams told The Daily Beast. “But history has turned on a few people—like the Founding Fathers and Jesus Christ come to mind—who used the same tricks: They describe to people a better vision of themselves. And Trump fits into that [model] in the most direct way you could possibly do. He’s saying, ‘You’re an American, I’m going to make you feel great.’”

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