Ohio Teen Arrested For Allegedly Tweeting Plans To Get Guns, Shoot Cops

Fox 8/Screenshot
Fox 8/Screenshot

On September 4, an Ohio teenager was charged with “making a terrorist threat” after an employ in the Avon school district discovered tweets about getting guns and shooting cops.

The suspect–18-year-old Lake R. Lewis–now faces “a third degree felony and misdemeanor aggravated menacing.”

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, Lewis’ tweets allegedly included the threat “to get some guns and shoot police.” Avon City Prosecutor Richard Kray said the social media posts are being taken “very seriously” in light of the climate of violence against police that currently exists.

Residents in Avon were both shocked and relieved–shocked that such tweets could allegedly originate from someone in their community and relieved that the person was captured before anyone followed through on them. For example, Renee Sandobal said, “I guess I’m just shocked that it’s in Avon. We always think its gonna be elsewhere.” And Neal Barrett commented, “It might be a joke and it might not be a joke and who knows. you can’t take that chance now.”

Lewis’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. on September 24 in Avon Municipal Court.

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