Caller Tells Dispatcher He Hopes Every Officer in the Department Gets ‘Shot in the Face’

Delrey Beach Officer 25 WPBF

Florida’s Delray Beach police department says its dispatcher is getting threats from an individual who openly says he hopes “every singe police officer” in the department is “shot in the face” and “dies on duty.”

The threats are reportedly in response to a cell phone video posted online which viewers claim shows a police dog biting a suspect in the face. The video was posted on September 7,and WPBF reported that police chief Jeff Goldman spoke on September 8 to say a K-9 “was deployed via [department] policy” after a “drunk and disorderly” suspect allegedly punched an officer, but the K-9 only bit the suspect on the arm.

Yet the one minute video has caused a frenzy and the Delray Beach police department is now receiving threats.

One caller said:

After what I’ve seen, I hope every single one of your officers involved dies on duty. I hope they get shot in the face. Seriously. Every single last one. I hope every single police officer in your department dies a horrible death.

The Delray Beach police department responded by saying, “It’s become a trend lately that people feel that they can express violent intent to law enforcement officers. They feel like they can make these threats and that it’s OK. And they can’t.” They are tracking the threatening call in an attempt locate and charge the person or persons behind it.

Delray Beach police also indicate an officer was threatened last week following the arrest of a man named Michael Crawford on trespassing charges. WDBF reports that Crawford allegedly said, “When I get out in 60 or 90 days, I’m coming for you. You’re a dead man. I hope the next cop that gets killed is you.”

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