CW Actor Trolls Donald Trump with Fake LinkedIn Profile: ‘I Was Born Rich!’

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Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood actor Misha Collins let his resentment towards Donald Trump be known this week.

Collins, who stars in The CW Network’s Supernatural, created a LinkedIn profile for Trump Wednesday, which makes some heavy allegations about the GOP presidential frontrunner.

“I see ur still job hunting (& debating). To streamline the search, I made u this handy profile,” Collins wrote to Trump on Twitter. “I can’t over-emphasize what a bad fit Presidency is, but there’re opportunities. Hope this helps!”

Collins has reportedly been tweeting Craigslist job postings to Trump for the past two weeks, but decided to take it a step further by signing him up to various job seeker websites.

“I was born rich! No starting-at-the-bottom-and-working-your-way-up for me!” reads a faux Trump profile at “I was smart enough just to have a rich dad and ride his coat tails.”

“If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a very very wealthy person for my entire life, it is this: anything that exists can be purchased. But, if there is one thing money can’t buy, it is the confidence of the American people. I’m going to try to buy it anyway,” the profile continues.

The actor went on to list Trump’s qualifications as candidate for the Republican Presidential Nomination, which according to Collins, includes:

“Lying through my teeth, Xenophobia, Flip-flopping, Denying accusations, Exploitation, Emotional manipulation, Bankruptcy, Ponzi Schemes, and Going completely unnoticed by my peers.”

“I’m not a LOSER like Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama. That guy – what a loser. I mean, he was born in Kenya, first of all,” wrote Collins. “But I’m just saying what the rest of what my white friends were thinking.”

“I don’t need to be ‘Politically Correct,’ I just speak The Truth. Anyway, wake up, America! It’s Trump time,” he added. “I’ve got $4 billion. What do YOU have, loser?”

Entertainment Weekly reports The CW confirmed Collins to be the author of the profile, which has been removed from LinkedIn and posted onto BeKnown.

Poll numbers following Wednesday night’s Republican debate showed Trump’s initiative to “Make America Great Again” appears to be resonating with Republican primary voters.

“Everybody who attacks me is doomed,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal over the weekend.

You can view Trump’s faux job seeker profile, published by Collins, by clicking here