Report: 44 Percent of Debate Questions Reference Donald Trump

Trump center stage debate AP Mark J. Terrill
AP/Mark J.Terrill
Simi Valley, CA

SIMI VALLEY, California — GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is ahead in the polls, but a new study shows he dominated the focus of the second GOP presidential primary debate Wednesday evening, as roughly 44 percent of the questions asked of the candidates involved or referenced Trump.

Vice President of Media Research Center Business Dan Gainor reported that out of 73 questions, 32 (roughly 44 percent) of the debate questions referenced the frontrunner in one way or another.

According to NPR’s time breakdown, Trump also received double the airtime of fellow GOP presidential candidates former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The Media Research Center released a study the morning before the debate revealing that prior to the debate, Trump received more than 78 percent of CNN’s primetime coverage, leaving only 22 percent divided among the other 17 presidential candidates.