Top Republican Aide: Now-Rubio Aide Assaulted Me In 2007, RNC Covered It Up

Washington, DC

Rich Beeson, the deputy campaign manager for the presidential campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), has a history of alleged acts of violence.

The former communications director for the Arizona Republican Party, Brett Mecum, posted on Facebook about an incident in 2007 where Beeson allegedly assaulted him. Police weren’t involved, but Beeson was forced by the Republican National Committee (RNC)—where he served as political director—to apologize to Mecum and attend anger management classes.

“Normally I don’t post this stuff, but when I saw the article and happen to know both gentlemen involved, I felt obligated,” Mecum wrote on Facebook in response to the news of what happened in Michigan where Beeson allegedly sucker punched—as shown on security video in a Mackinac Island bar—a senior adviser to the presidential campaign of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), John Yob.

“In 2007, when I served as Communications Director of the Arizona Republican Party, Rich Beeson physically assaulted me when he served as the Political Director of the Republican National Committee,” Mecum continued.

I discussed the matter with RNC Counsel, I did not file a police report. My understanding is that the Chairman of the RNC was involved, and I was assured that Mr Beeson would be disciplined. He ultimately apologized to me in person, which was clearly a forced apology. I was told by others that he had to attend anger management classes, if that was the case, then it is obvious those classes didn’t help. What Mr. Beeson did to Mr. Yob is a continued pattern of this kind of unacceptable behavior.

Internal emails obtained by Breitbart News show that Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan originally approved of the violent act Beeson engaged in on Thursday evening, saying he was “glad” his deputy campaign manager struck Yob in an email to Yob. Sullivan later apologized, saying he was sorry when local police became involved. The local police chief has confirmed to Breitbart News that prosecutors are investigating the matter and considering the evidence against Beeson.

Rubio’s campaign—Sullivan and communications director Alex Conant—have not responded to multiple requests for comment about Beeson’s alleged acts of violence, including the latest development with the Mecum revelations.

It’s unclear if Rubio will continue to employ Beeson. But Yob—the victim of Beeson’s alleged violence—is calling on the senator to fire Beeson immediately. For now, the campaign is standing by him.