Inmate Convicted of Raping Arizona Prison Teacher Given Life Sentence

Arizona Department of Corrections via AP, File
Arizona Department of Corrections via AP, File

On September 14, 21-year-old Jacob Harvey, accused of raping an unnamed prison teacher in an Arizona prison in January 2014, was handed a life sentence.

According to AZ Central the rape occurred once Harvey had finished taking a test in one of the prison classrooms. “After the test he lingered behind and asked to use the bathroom where he then proceeded to overpower the victim and sexually assault her as she tried to unlock the bathroom door.”

The Associated Press reports that Harvey “was in the first year of a 30-year sentence for raping a suburban Phoenix woman when he assaulted the teacher. The new sentence starts when the first ends.” The rape of the Phoenix woman occurred in 2011.

The prison teacher was in the courtroom for Harvey’s sentencing, and her attorney read the following statement from her: “At one point after the rape I wished inmate Harvey had just killed me because death seemed like a relief compared to the hell I was living. While I may have wanted to die shortly after the rape, I now have a greater purpose and will to live.”

That teacher is now suing the state over the attack because she “was put into a room full of sex offenders with no guards nearby and no closed-circuit cameras.” She claims she was simply given a radio on which she could “call for help.”

Arizona’s Department of Corrections put better security in place for teachers following the January 2014 attack.

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