Black Lives Matter Throws Down on Dr. Drew During Live TV

Dr Drew Show Black Lives Matter
Photo: HLN Video Screenshot

Black Lives Matter activists attempted a takeover of the HLN show Dr. Drew on Thursday night, causing the host to at one point say the live show would “go to test pattern” if the rude outburst from black audience members continued.

Breitbart News reporter Alex Swoyer was on the show as a guest to discuss the GOP Presidential debate. Swoyer called what happened “madness.”

The incident began with an unidentified Black Lives Matter activist giving a rambling speech about what she felt was a saying “There’s all kinds of stuff going on but nobody’s saying it in a political debate and it’s wrong.”

Although it’s not shown in the clip provided by HLN, Swoyer was asked a question about Black Lives Matter and she correctly pointed out that the Black Lives Matter was founded on the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie surrounding the Ferguson , Missouri, shooting death of Mike Brown. Panelists bristled at her comments.

Swoyer told Breitbart News what she remembers happened after that:

I was asked why the GOP debaters hadn’t discussed Black Lives Matter and I explained it was supposed to be a foreign policy debate. A Black Lives Matter activist in the audience starts yelling “No one cares about the Middle East! No one cares about war!”

At that point, panelists attempted to calm the crowd down and Dr. Drew stood up and attempted to restore order, saying, “I’m going to shut down the TV show and go to a test pattern unless people behave themselves and behave civilly.”

The clip provided by HLN doesn’t show where security removed the activist.

Swoyer said that as the Black Lives Matter activist was being removed, an audience member turned to Swoyer and asked about the activist, “I wonder if she’s going to get paid?”