Former Rep. Tom Tancredo: European Migrant Crisis ‘Is an Invasion’

Photo By Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images
Photo By Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images
Norwalk, CA

Former United States Congressman Tom Tancredo joined Stephen K. Bannon on a recent Sirius XM Breitbart News Saturday Radio program, warning of the dangers amidst the “like somebody rang a bell” European migrant crisis. The phenomenon is bringing predominantly young men, “colonists essentially,” from the Middle East to countries with substantial social welfare programs.

Tancredo told Bannon and the Breitbart News listening audience that last February, “When the UK Daily Mail carried a story about the fact that ISIS was… telling the world that it was going to be flooding Europe with up to a half a million people, colonists essentially, they were not calling them refugees and they didn’t pretend that they were running from any sort of violence or anything else. These people were going to be going to Europe to spread the faith.”

“It’s like somebody rang a bell, blew a whistle,” Tancredo said.

“All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of people begin to storm the beaches of Europe, essentially coming from the Middle East pretending to be escaping the violence of war-torn Iraq and, of course, Libya and other places.” Some are doing that, Tancredo stated, “but many, many are not.”

“One the trains taking people into Germany—they are chanting ‘allah akbar,’” he said.

“They are refusing packages, as you’ve seen I’m sure, from the Red Cross because there is a red cross on them, which indicates that they do not need the food that they’re being offered. They’re not starving to death.”

“They’re not impoverished. Most of them are young men. This is an invasion.”

Bannon asked, “There’s no doubt in your mind, as you look at that, that this is an invasion, a Muslim invasion of Western Europe, correct?”

“Not only of Western Europe, but, of course, it is a dagger in the heart of Western civilization,” Tancredo responded.

Bannon recalled the opening of the Breitbart London vertical when some suggested nobody in the U.S. cared what was happening in Europe. “We know from the success of our traffic and the growth of Breitbart London, they’re really on fire, and people here in the United States are very focused on getting this type of material, this content,” Bannon remarked.

He noted the Pope’s upcoming tour to America with President Obama, but commented, “his philosophy of how to handle this is exactly counter to how the Christian, how the Catholic Church handled this in the Middle Ages and stopped it in Vienna, in Spain, in other places.”

“This (migrant crisis) is going to be a major element in your life, in your children’s life going forward. Are we just, are we being alarmist?” Bannon asked Tancredo.

Tancredo spoke of multiple Catholic churches that have been transformed into mosques in areas such as Dearborn, Michigan, complete with Muslim calls to prayer. People were saying, “so what? Well, I’ll tell you so what,” he said. “The reason we could survive as long as we did under massive immigration in the early, 1890s and 1900s is because there was something called assimilation that was happening.”

“We had cyclical immigration,” Tancredo stated. “The idea of assimilation was in their minds also. That allowed us to exist as a nation, as quote, diverse as we are. That is gone. What is happening here in the United States, I call it the cult of multiculturalism that teaches our children in the schools that there is nothing of value here to begin with.”

We are being divided up into tribes, into camps, into linguistic and sexual preference and ethnic, all kinds of different groups, all victimized they’re told, all divided up so that at election time we can go to them and get their vote in order to be protected against the other groups. This is what is happening to us. It is dangerous as hell. And when people hear when [U.S. Secretary of State John] Kerry says we want to take 10,000, they have to remember that that’s added to the 75,000 that presently are here, Muslims who are in this country.

“The Ethiopian Muslim population in the United States is higher than anywhere in the world,” Tancredo stated.

“People better begin to understand it,” Tancredo said, “Because as you (Bannon) say it is coming to a town near you and if you don’t think so, go to Michigan.”

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