Media Pushes Ted Cruz To Declare Obama Is A Christian

Des Moines, IA

The media swarmed onto Ted Cruz Saturday, pushing him to say that progressive President Barack Obama is a Christian.

But Cruz doesn’t play that game.

“The president’s faith is between him and God,” Cruz said at a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

“I’m not going to speculate on the president’s faith. What I will talk about is his policies. And his policies have been profoundly damaging to this country. His policies and this administration’s animosity to religious liberty and, in fact, antagonism to Christians has been one of the most troubling aspects of the Obama administration.”

The answer denied the progressive media what they wanted — either headlines saying that Cruz attacks Obama’s claim to be a Christian, or headlines saying that Cruz recognizes Obama is a true Christian.

The baited question comes after members of the media swarmed on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for not shutting down an questioner who said that Obama is a Muslim and is not an American.

Trump also brushed away the questions, and he also counterattacked by saying Obama is waging a “war” on Christians, and that he would defend Christians’ legal rights.

“Because I don’t talk about people’s faith. now,” Trump told NBC Sept. 20. “In all fairness he said he was a Christian. He attended the church of Reverend Wright and so, you know, I’m willing to take him at his word for that. I have no problem with that,” said Trump .

Of course, the media is failing to point out that one of the earliest American politicians to start a whisper campaign intended to cause doubt about Obama’s religious affiliation was none other than Hillary Clinton who raised the question in 2008.

Barack Obama has always claimed to be a Christian he began his long membership in a radical Christian church in Chicago. The church was run by the fiery Reverend Jeremiah Wright who is notorious for saying that the United States deserved the terror attacks on 9/11.

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