MoveOn.Org, Daily Kos Join Protest To Get More Democratic Debates


Major progressive activist organizations are pressuring Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to schedule more Democratic debates.

The growing movement spells further trouble for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who is benefiting from the fact that only six debates will be held before the Democratic convention, including only five in the calendar year 2015.’s political action committee, Daily Kos, CREDO Action, and teamed up to send a letter Monday to Wasserman-Schultz calling for more debates. The letter states:

The undersigned organizations, on behalf of millions of members around the country, ask you to increase the number of Democratic presidential primary debates in advance of the Iowa caucus, to schedule the current and additional debates during weekday primetime hours, to lift the sanction on participation in debates by candidates not sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, and to double the number of debates throughout the primary schedule—for the sake of our national dialogue, the Democratic party, and the strength of the eventual Democratic nominee in the general election.

Lis Smith, spokeswoman for Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley, tells Breitbart News that Wasserman-Schultz’s debate schedule aims to “rig the election for Secretary Clinton.”

The grassroots group Allow Debate protested outside DNC headquarters last week, and protesters interrupted Wasserman-Schultz at Saturday’s New Hampshire Democratic convention, chanting for more debates.