WATCH: Ode to Donald Trump ‘We’re All Mexican’ Music Video


“You bring the flavor to United States.”

Grammy-winning producer Emilio Estefan has released the official music video for “We’re All Mexican,” which was designed to combat “anti-Mexican” rhetoric from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Estefan rounded up dozens of Hispanic artists to record the track, which he describes as a way to honor and celebrate accomplishments within their culture.

“The title of the song, “We’re all Mexican” is intended as a metaphor symbolizing that we can all become the victims of racism and bigotry at any moment as Mexicans are experiencing in recent times,” according to the video’s description.

Artists Shakira, Carlos Santana, Thalia, Pepe Aguilar, Gloria Estefan, Wisin, Wyclef Jean, and radio personality Enrique Santos are all a part of the collaboration. The video also features cameo performances from comedian Kathie Lee Gifford, rapper Pit Bull, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg, and Latina actress Eva Longoria.

The video was published to Estefan’s Youtube channel Sunday.

“Mexicans are being vilified in the United States by some of the media and political leaders and in some of the public’s sentiment because they comprise 67% of the Latino population and because their native country shares a direct border with the United States and are the majority of the “Latinos” crossing that particular border,” says the video.

Estefan told Billboard earlier this month that “We’re all Mexican” is a response to the growing sentiment that Hispanics have progressed.

Donald Trump has been accused of being racist since making his June 16 presidential announcement for his hardline stance on illegal immigration.

“Trump doesn’t represent anything to me…Everyone has their opinion, and he can have whatever opinion he wants, as long as he doesn’t humiliate my people,” said Estefan.

Watch the video for “We’re all Mexican” below: