Big Gay Hate Machine Makes Demands of Pope Francis

Tony Gentile/Pool via AP
Tony Gentile/Pool via AP

To welcome the visit of Pope Francis, the gay-supporting Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a list of demands, though they are couched in the gentler language of “respectfully” asking.

The organization asserts the longtime service of LGBT people to the Church as “teachers, leaders, and role models,” but is greatly agitated that Catholic institutions have begun firing LGBT personnel who have come out publicly in opposition to Church teaching on human sexuality.

The rich and powerful organization draws a distinction between religious liberty and discrimination asserting that “freedom of worship…without fear of government intrusion is a core American value.” HRC says the Church discriminates when dioceses and parishes fire teachers and others when they have announced their weddings to someone of the same sex or otherwise come out publicly flout Church teaching on human sexuality.

Religious liberty advocates will point out HRC’s use of the phrase “freedom of worship” which is understood as what happens strictly inside religious spaces and not what may or may not be practiced by Catholics and other religious folk in the public square. Organizations like the gay Human Rights Campaign insist freedom of religion may only exist inside Churches.

HRC demands that the Church change its teaching on homosexuality which now considers the homosexual inclination is “intrinsically disordered.” HRC says this teaching “goes against the call to love and serve one another.”

The document demands the Church “extend the sacrament of anointing of the sick to openly LGBT Catholics” ignoring the fact that the Church offers this sacrament to all Catholics on the verge of death and that the Church administers more beds for AIDs patients than any organization in the world.

HRC also wants the Church to change its teaching on use of condoms.

The Human Rights Campaign is one of the richest gay pressure groups in the world, bringing in up to $50 million a year in donations. The group has led lawsuits against governments and companies they see as discriminating against LGBTs. The group also produced a document labeling certain groups and individuals, including faithful Catholics, defending traditional marriage as little more than thugs and criminals.

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