Trump: ‘We are Going to Continue Doing What We are Doing’


In New York Magazine, Gabriel Sherman writes that Scott Walker’s departure helps Donald Trump.

No presidential candidate in recent memory has benefited from the kind of blind luck Donald Trump has enjoyed during this primary. Take last night’s surprise announcement by Scott Walker that he was dropping out of the race. “He was expected to do very well, but that didn’t work out,” Trump told me shortly before Walker’s press conference. “In the world of politics, you don’t know what works and why.”

When I asked Trump how he would get his campaign back on track, he vowed to stay the course. “The strategy is to continue doing very much as we’ve been doing,” he said. “When you win the World Series, you don’t want to change.” He pointed out to me a pair of online surveys released byZogby and NBC News that showed him gaining ground since the debate. But the political press knows that online polls carry less weight. Which is why the news that Walker was getting out came at such an opportune moment. If there’s one thing that enhances the Trump brand, it’s the image of someone being dismissed.

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