Donald Trump Slams ‘Clown’ Rubio At Values Voter Summit

Donald Trump holds up his Bible while speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Sept. 25, 2015.
Jose Luis Magana, AP
Washington D.C.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump slammed Marco Rubio as a “clown” during his address at today’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.

At Trump’s mention of Rubio, the audience immediately started booing and then fell into a hushed silence as Trump recounted Rubio’s involvement in the amnesty effort.

“You have this clown Marco Rubio,” Trump said, “He was in favor of immigration… It was the Gang of Eight. You remember the Gang of Eight. It was terrible,” Trump said.

Trump said Rubio continues to support all of the same immigration expansionist policies laid out in amnesty bill he co-authored with Chuck Schumer.

“All of a sudden he goes down in the polls and all of a sudden he starts changing his tone. But you never really change your tone,” Trump warned.

Indeed, Marco Rubio continues to support increasing immigration levels. His devotion to expanding immigration can be seen throughout his lifelong career as a politician.

During his time in Florida politics, Rubio helped block immigration enforcement legislation, helping make Miami one of the biggest sanctuary cities in the country.

In 2012, Rubio worked on his own version of a DREAM amnesty bill, which would extend birthright citizenship to foreign youths illegally residing in the country.

In 2013, Rubio co-authored and ushered through the Senate an immigration bill—praised by La Raza, President Obama and the Chamber of Commerce— that would have admitted 33 million new immigrants in the course of a single decade.

In 2015, Rubio introduced a bill that would essentially lift the university green card caps and triple the number of guest workers admitted on H-1B visas to replace American workers at lower costs.

And just this month, Rubio announced his support for importing even more Muslim refugees into the country, whom experts say we will not be able to be vetted.

Trump also criticized Rubio for having missed the most votes of any lawmaker in the Senate.

“When you’re elected Senator, you have to go and vote. It’s so important. You can’t say ‘I can’t vote.’ [Rubio’s] got the worst [voting] record.”

At the second Republican presidential debate Rubio explained that the reason he’s missing so many votes is because he wants to be president. He is, after all, unable to implement all of the reforms he wants from his seat the Senate.

“I’m missing votes… because I am leaving the Senate, I’m not running for re-election, and I’m running for president because I know this: unless we have the right president, we cannot make America fulfill its potential.”

Rubio later elaborated on this point in an interview with Fox News, “The idea that you would win the Senate, control the agenda never was true,” he said. “You need a president. It’s one of the main reasons why I decided to run for President.”

Indeed, even though Rubio was able to pass his and Obama’s immigration plan through the Senate, the bill went down in flames as a result of mass public opposition. From the Oval Office, Rubio would have a much greater vantage point to enact the expansions in foreign worker admissions, which big businesses and his corporatist donors desperately want to lower wages and reduce their cost of labor.

However, while Rubio has been busy campaigning, and fundraising with Silicon Valley billionaires, there was one vote he made sure not to miss: Senator Rubio cast the 60th and deciding vote for Trade Promote Authority (TPA). The TPA would cede Congress’s power to negotiate trade deals to President Obama in order to grease the speedy passage of globalist trade pacts favored by big business special interest groups and corporatist donors.