Marco Rubio: Donald Trump ‘Thin Skinned’ and ‘Sensitive’

Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio continued his attack on Donald Trump Wednesday, calling him “thin-skinned” as the billionaire candidate continues clashing with media outlets over negative coverage of his campaign.

“We need to have someone who has real thoughts and depth on these issues,” Rubio said, pointing out that Trump stood silent for 20 minutes during the CNN debate last week when the conversation turned to foreign policy.

Rubio made his remarks during an interview with Bill O’Reilly last night, after Trump angrily boycotted Fox News again on Wednesday. In a statement, the cable news network said Trump was upset that The O’Reilly Factor canceled an appearance with him.

Rubio suggested that Trump’s recent clashes with the media was proof that he suffered a bad debate performance and was lashing out.

“He’s very thin skinned obviously, he’s very sensitive to criticism, but he can’t have a conversation about policy because quite frankly he doesn’t know anything about policy,” Rubio said. “His foreign policy apparently is a secret, he can’t tell us because he doesn’t want to reveal it to the enemy.”

After O’Reilly pointed out that Trump had sparked debate and inspired a lot of people to pay attention to the election, Rubio agreed that he was “absolutely” glad that more Americans than ever were tuning into the debate and that his fight with Trump wasn’t personal.

“Let me be clear Bill, I don’t dislike anyone who’s running for president, personally,” he insisted.

“Good,” O’Reilly replied.