Trump, Rubio Spar


At Business Insider, Colin Campbell writes that Donald Trump is taking aim at a GOP rival.

Real-estate developer Donald Trump is now frequently attacking a presidential rival he mostly refrained from criticizing in the past: US Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

During a Thursday-morning CNN interview, Trump hit Rubio as a “kid” in a wide-ranging critique.

He first bashed Rubio’s credibility as a foreign-policy wonk when asked to compare their knowledge about Syria.

“Marco Rubio sits behind a desk sometimes and he reads stuff,” Trump said, according to CNN’s transcript. “That’s all he does. I create jobs all day long. I’ll know more about all of this than all of them put together, and believe me, we’ll have a winning strategy. If Marco Rubio is good, how come we’re doing so badly?”

Trump went on to dismiss the 44-year-old senator’s age.

“These guys don’t know how to win,” he said. “Marco Rubio, he’s like a kid. He shouldn’t even be running in this race, as far as I’m concerned. He’s a kid.”

Later in the interview, Trump again called Rubio a “kid” and criticized him for not deferring his candidacy to Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor.

“He’s a kid. He has no right — I mean, frankly, he was very disloyal to Bush,” Trump said. “Bush was his mentor. And everyone said he’d never run because Bush was his mentor. Well, the fact that Bush was his mentor didn’t stop this young guy who is overly ambitious from wanting to run. Now Bush looks foolish and he looks like he’s a very disloyal guy, frankly.”

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