Cartel Torture Victim Leads Mexican Cops to Stash House near Texas Border

Mexican Police - Rio Bravo
Cartel Chronicles

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – A man who was being tortured by cartel members just south of the U.S.-Mexico border led authorities to his captors in Tamaulipas. A gun battle ensued.

Authorities opened an investigation against a man who they recently arrested with a machine gun near the town of Ciudad Mier where authorities had arrived to raid the cartel stash house, information released to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.

Ciudad Mier is just south of the Rio Grande with the Texas city of Roma and is considered a very active drug trafficking corridor.

The case began when the victim arrived to the police station and officers with Fuerza Tamaulipas about the torture at a house in the La Paleta neighborhood in Ciudad Mier.

When police officers arrived at the house to investigate the case cartel gunmen began shooting at them setting off a firefight.

After the firefight authorities found one cartel hitman with a gunshot to his left forearm and injuries to his left foot caused by barbed wire. The gunman had an AK-47 with 21 ammunition rounds left in the magazine.

Authorities took the man to a hospital in the border city of Reynosa where he received medical attention before taking him into custody to face weapons charges.

The raid at the stash house comes just days after Fuerza Tamaulipas officers rescued a kidnapping victim in the border city of Matamoros which is just south of the U.S. –Mexico border with Brownsville.

The rescue took place late last week when a convoy of police officers was conducting routine patrols when they came across a vehicle with three men they tried to pull over, information released to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office revealed.

The three men jumped out of the vehicle and took off running. When police checked the SUV, they found a man who had his hands and feet tied up and claimed to have just been kidnapped.

Inside the vehicle authorities also found four machine guns, 48 ammunition magazines, and 1,600 ammunition rounds.

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