Hillary Clinton’s Email Storage Was Not Secure Enough for Classified Information

Richard Ellis/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton stored her emails in a way that was not approved for top-secret classified information.

The State Department physically put a safe in Clinton lawyer David Kendall’s office in July to store some of the information that he had in his possession. Kendall was the lawyer who turned over the thumb drives containing Clinton’s selected work-related emails to investigators. The State Department, at least on paper, wanted to make sure that the information was being protected before it was all turned over to the FBI and the Department of Justice.

But the safe in Kendall’s office was actually not very safe.

The State Department told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the information should have been stored in a sensitive information facility, not just in a safe in a lawyer’s office, the Associated Press reported. The safe was not up to snuff to store Top Secret (“TS/SCI”) documents.

“[W]hile the safe was suitable for up to (top secret) information, it was not approved for TS/SCI material,” Assistant Secretary of State Julia Frifield told Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Charles Grassley in a letter.

Frifield said “there was no indication that the emails might contain TS or TS/SCI material” when the State Department gave Kendall the safe.