Obama Gave Hillary A ‘Secretary of State’ iPad Case; Huma Had Three BlackBerrys

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

President Barack Obama gave Hillary Clinton an iPad case as a personal gift during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, suggesting that Clinton used her iPad more often than her campaign might like people to know.

Additionally, Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin carried at least three different BlackBerrys on her while she was working for Clinton, making it unclear just how many devices Clinton was actually using for personal email.

Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney said on CNN this week that Clinton got her iPad “as a Christmas gift” and used it for reading articles, “not for email.” But Clinton’s campaign website said that Clinton bought the iPad herself and used it for email.

She used it so much, in fact, that Obama gave her a “Sec State” iPad case. As Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes reported in their 2014 book HRC: State Secrets And The Rebirth of Hillary Clinton:

“Only the most hardheaded of Obama’s aides still harbored a grudge against her from the 2008 campaign. As a token of his appreciation, Obama gave Hillary a black iPad case with “HRC” embossed in gold lettering on the cover and “Sec State” on the spine.”

Clinton also used a private BlackBerry for email. What’s more, her top aide Abedin had up to three Blackberrys on her at any given time while she was tending to Clinton’s needs. According to Allen and Parnes:

“Whatever Hillary needed, Huma got it – often before Hillary had thought to ask for it. At the White House in the late 1990s, in the Senate, on the campaign trail, and in Hillary’s first two years at State, Huma was seldom more than a couple feet away from her boss and mentor. When iconic photos of Hillary were taken, Huma was usually just off camera, holding as many as three Blackberry devices at once.”