Hillary Clinton Trailing GOP Field in Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claps on stage during the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention at the Verizon Wireless Center on September 19, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Challenger for the democratic vote Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been gaining ground on Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

A new NBC/WSJ poll of Iowa finds presumptive Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton trailing all Republican candidates tested in the poll. That’s a problem for Clinton and Democrats, because their party has carried Iowa in 5 of the last 6 presidential contests.

The poll, of 1,000 registered voters in the state, finds Hillary Clinton with 40 percent support, trailing Jeb Bush, with 50 percent support, by 10 points. In February, Clinton led Bush by 8 points.

Against businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Hillary fares even worse, trailing the Republican by 14 points, 38-52. Hillary fares best against Donald Trump, but still trails the real estate developer by 7 points, 41-48.

Socialist Bernie Sanders fares better against Republicans than Hillary. He trails Bush by 2 points, Fiorina by 3 points and edges Trump by 5 points.

Iowa voters, the epitome of the “midwestern nice” sobriquet, are in a generally sour mood with the respect to all the candidates. Among registered voters, only Ben Carson is viewed favorably by a majority of voters. His 50 percent favorable rating is far higher than other candidates.

Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable rating, at 59 percent, is higher than any other candidate running for President. Even one-in-five Democrats have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton.

Both Clinton and Jeb Bush have been blanketing the Iowa airwaves with ads in recent weeks. Yet both still have the worst favorable ratings than any other candidates for their party’s nomination.

Clinton still leads other Democrats for the nomination in Iowa. It can not be comforting for Democrat strategists, though, that she trails the GOP field. Iowa has become critical to the Democrats’ path to the White House.

If Democrats are already trailing in the Hawkeye State with Hillary as their standard-bearer, they face a much more difficult task keeping the White House.