Texas Agency Launches New Website with Services for Taxpayers and Veterans

TXGLO Website
Photo: Texas GLO Website Landing Page

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) launched a new website at noon on Tuesday. The site brings a fresh clean look to the agency but also improves the website’s navigation making it easier for taxpayers and veterans to access information and agency services.

The new website presents an exciting landing page that provides users with a panoramic video look at all of the areas touched by the GLO. Those areas include the agencies oversight of the state’s natural resources including its beaches, and oil and gas assets. Additional the video montage gives users insight into the agency’s management of the Alamo and Texas Veterans’ benefits.

The entire site, including a new logo featuring a Lone Star, a buffalo, and the agency’s TXGLO brand, was designed and built in-house by staff members of the GLO, according to sources in the agency. Breitbart Texas learned that the re-work of the website began in January with no pre-conceived notions as to what it should look like. The staff workers set out to meet three main goals that apply to all of the GLO’s new websites. The goals were that the site give a clean appearance; be contemporary in look and feel as well as meeting current technology standards; and be responsive to users no matter where they are accessing the site. From desktop to mobile phone, the site is engineered to perform seamlessly across technology platforms.

“We’re making the right changes here at the Texas General Land Office,” the GLO reports on its website. “From putting the sale of mineral leases online to streamlining the agency as a means of becoming more efficient, the GLO is proving that government can, and must, adapt to the people − not the other way around.”

The website states that the new launch is the next step in the process of modernizing the agency. “We’ve taken more than 270 pages of content and pared it down to 87 easily navigable pages,” the site reads. “No longer will you spend time hunting through repetitive links and empty space to find information about your Texas coasts or the Alamo.”

The platform re-design also includes satellite websites to bring easy-to-access information users with specific interests such as veterans’ benefits or energy related materials.

A comprehensive look at how the site is organized can be found on one of the agency’s pages.

Areas of focus for the website include the agency’s role in funding education, energy related information, veterans’ benefits, Texas history, land management, coastal resources, and disaster recovery. Satellite websites include: SB 20 Expenditures, the Alamo, Texas Coasts, Voices of Veterans, the Adopt-A-Beach program, and the upcoming Border Energy Forum where Commissioner George P. Bush will be the keynote speaker later this month.

Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and is a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX