Campaign-Trail Joe Biden: Republicans Are ‘Beating’ Hispanics

Vice President Joe Biden said that Republicans are giving Hispanics “a beating” at a Latino Victory Project political meeting.

“The beating, the beating that Hispanics are taking at the hands of the Republican caucus,” Biden said during the event.

“People are depressed,” Biden added. “This nativism never succeeds. It won’t succeed now, he said, likely in response to Donald Trump’s popular immigration proposals.

Biden’s new invective matched his August 2012 claim to a mostly African-American audience in Virginia that Republicans are “going to put y’all back in chains.”

Biden dominated the event ,which was held for California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. “Everybody seemed really excited,” Latino Victory Project spokeswoman Pili Tobar told Breitbart News. “He didn’t really talk about Clinton or the race in general. He was talking about Republicans’ rhetoric when it comes to Latinos. That was where he focused his remarks.”

Tobar’s group is putting off considering Biden for an official endorsement over Clinton “until we see him make the announcement.”