Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with Coat Hanger Graffiti

WANE-TV Newschannel 15/Twitter
WANE-TV Newschannel 15/Twitter
Fort Wayne, IN

A pro-life billboard in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was vandalized with graffiti that included a coat hanger drawn to appear attached to the baby pictured in the uterus.

According to, the billboard, sponsored by Allen County Right to Life, featured a drawing of an unborn baby in the uterus with the words, “I am only 20 weeks old. I can do a somersault.”

Using spray-paint, however, vandals crossed out the name of the website, “,” and replaced them with “…in the trash.” An image of a coat hanger was also added, attached to the unborn baby.

In response to the vandalism, Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life, said in a statement:

It’s upsetting that someone chose to vandalize a simple billboard with a prenatal development fact. Allen County Right to Life has been very effective in spreading the pro-life message, so much so that Allen County no longer has an abortion facility. Unfortunately, pro-life groups are often the target of crude attacks by perpetrators who want nothing to do with the message of hope and love offered by the pro-life community. We stand with Allen County Right to Life and urge them to continue boldly proclaiming the pro-life message in Northeast Indiana.

The billboard has since been replaced.