House Freedom Caucus ‘Surprised’ but ‘Respects’ Kevin McCarthy Dropping out of House Speaker Race

Washington, DC

The House Freedom Caucus said it was “surprised” by Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s dropping out of the race for Speaker of the House, but respects his decision.

“We were surprised by today’s news and respect Kevin’s decision to place the Conference ahead of himself,” the House Freedom Caucus said in a press release.

Our prayers are with him and his family. We believe that the House needs the principled leadership of a Speaker who will empower the institution, its members, and the American people. We must ensure that the processes in the House and in the Republican Conference are fair for all members. The next Speaker needs to yield back power to the membership for the sake of both the institution and the country.

The House Freedom Caucus endorsed Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL) as Speaker of the House instead of McCarthy or Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).