Report: Hillary Clinton to Meet With #BlackLivesMatter Friday


According Deray McKesson, leader of the anti-police Black Lives Matter movement, he will be meeting Friday morning  with Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

Like her flip-flop on the Keystone Pipeline and the Trans-Pacific trade deal, Clinton agreeing to meet with Black Lives Matter is yet another sign of how worried she is about Democrat opponent Bernie Sanders (a self-proclaimed socialist) and the possible entry of Vice President Joe Biden into the race.

The anti-police Black Lives Matter is a hate group that openly calls for anarchy and violence; McKesson himself is a habitual liar who regularly uses his social media platform to spread incendiary lies.

If McKesson is telling the truth about the meeting, don’t expect the media to pressure Clinton on this dalliance with violent extremists. Our media never roots out extremism on the Left.

What’s most surprising is that any black political movement would have anything to do with Hillary Clinton after the Washington Post confirmed that she started the racist Birther movement against Barack Obama.


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