National Review Begs Paul Ryan to Run for Speaker

Paul Ryan
The Associated Press

From National Review:

Sometimes duty calls.

Paul Ryan long has told people that he has no interest in being speaker of the House, and he has been completely sincere. He wants to be a legislator and truly prizes his perch as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, where he can craft tax and entitlement legislation that he could get signed into law if a Republican is elected president next year.

But his party needs Ryan in a different role. With Speaker John Boehner stepping down and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy bowing out of the race to be his successor, no one is better equipped to build a working Republican majority than he is.

House Republicans are angrily divided, and no faction is blameless. Too many Republicans have been content with an agenda that merely attempts to get business done on time, and to please business lobbies. (Those lobbies are sometimes right and sometimes wrong, but conservatism is not reducible to their preferences.) Too many other Republicans think that leadership consists of unrealistic demands combined with strong rhetoric.

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