High School Quarterback Suspended for ‘Inappropriately Touching’ Teammate During Practice

Brent Drinkut/Statesman-Journal via AP
Brent Drinkut/Statesman-Journal via AP
West Salem, OR

A high school football player has been suspended from school for “inappropriately touching” his team’s center during a snap in practice, a report says.

Garrett Moore, a freshman on the West Salem football team, was punished for an incident he was involved in during practice last week when he was taking instruction during a hike from another student acting as his center.

As the quarterback reached for the snap, he “tickled” the center, the school charged.

“He wanted me to go way up there (with my hands) and it felt very uncomfortable,” Moore said. “I was, like, moving my hands and I touched him and he started laughing. I guess I tickled him. I wouldn’t mean to. That’s kind of weird.”

A few days later, Moore was called into the principal’s office to explain himself after the center reported him. Moore was asked if he “tickled” the other student.

“I’m like, ‘I guess,'” Moore said. “He was laughing when I touched him. I didn’t mean to say tickle. I said tickle because he laughed. He calls my mom, makes it sound like I’m a complete pervert and she comes to get me.”

But the quarterback was then suspended and charged with sexual misconduct. The school sent home a message that read, “Student inappropriately touched another student during football practice.”

Moore says that he and the other student have a history of troubles between them. He claims that the other student kneed him in the groin and pushed him to the ground. Moore also says that he reported the incident to authorities, but the other student gave a different story and that led to Moore’s suspension.

The quarterback will not be allowed back into school until October 12, and he missed games and practice during that time.

Moore’s mother thinks that the whole incident is “absolutely absurd,” and she wants to appeal the suspension.

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