Home Intruder Punched Into Corner by Roller Derby Girl, Then Held at Sword-Point

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On October 8, an Indianapolis homeowner–who is also a Roller Derby girl–punched an alleged home intruder until she had driven him back into a corner, then drew “a Japanese-style sword” and used to it to keep him subdued until police arrived.

The incident occurred “around midnight.”

According to The Indianapolis Star, 43-year-old Karen Dolley awoke to sounds of someone in her home. When she turned on the lights to investigate police say she saw 30-year-old Jacob Wessel standing in her living room.

Dolley began punching Wessel and opened a near-by drawer to grab a gun, but in the pressure of the moment she opened the wrong drawer and failed to find the firearm. So she grabbed “a Japanese-style sword called ninjato,” which she used to keep the Wessel subdued until police arrived.

Dolley said she did not think she was hitting Wessel that hard, but the morning after revealed her hands were bruised from the encounter. She said, “I didn’t think I was getting good blows in but my knuckles are bruised today. Hitting someone like that, it isn’t like the movies. You’re expecting it to be louder and see people jerk around, but that’s not how it happens in real life.”

In addition to being a Roller Derby girl, Dolley has a training background medieval combat fighting.

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