Golfing Wedding Crasher Obama Delays Ceremony In San Diego

AP Photo/Steven Senne
AP Photo/Steven Senne

President Obama crashed another golf course wedding in San Diego this weekend, as his playing through delayed the couple’s event.

As Obama spent his Columbus Day holiday playing Torrey Pines, his appearance delayed the ceremony.

After making his last putt, however, the president walked over to meet the wedding crowd, and the couple ran down to meet him.

“I was like, you know what… You don’t get this chance very often so why not just go for it,” the bride, Stephanie, said to ABC10 News after meeting the president.

The bride was absolutely thrilled by the unexpected guest who even took a photo with the couple.

“I actually started crying, I was crying as I’m running up there, you are just overwhelmed with emotion,” Stephanie said.

Wedding photographer Erin Youngren appeared even more thrilled, writing a detailed account of her experience.

“I HAD to shake this man’s hand. So I grabbed myself a spot in the line, and the President reached out his hand – to ME. In disbelief, I shook it with my best hand shake that I had been practicing for years and stammered, ‘It is such an honor to meet you Mr. President.’ He has a GREAT handshake,” Youngren wrote on her blog after meeting the president.

The husband and wife photography team shared several photos of the experience on their blog.

“Thank you for showing us that you are a three-dimensional human,” she wrote. “Thank you for taking time to rest in the midst of the unbelievable responsibility that you shoulder every single day, and thank you for being so gracious as to come shake hands on your day of rest.”

The bride was also thrilled.

“To see a sitting president, I was just crying going up there. It was awesome,” she said.

This story had a happier ending than the last couple who’s wedding plans coincided with the president’s golf schedule in 2014. Army captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr. had to change the location of their dream wedding after Obama decided to golf at the same time as their ceremony.