Joe Biden Meets With Obama And John Kerry As He Weighs BFD

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Vice President Joe Biden is still weighing his big decision whether or not to get in the race. But after Hillary Clinton’s debate performance last night, the political class is turning against the one man it was desperate to see shake up the race.

Biden will meet President Obama for lunch today, and the casual conversation will likely turn to last night’s debate. Later Biden and Obama will meet with Secretary of State John Kerry, a former failed presidential candidate. Both of those meetings are closed to the press.

Yesterday, Biden met with Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a meeting that was also closed to the press.

He is also expected to deliver remarks this afternoon at the White House Build America Investment Initiative Roundtable, a typical Vice Presidential chore.

In recent days, reporters have been following Biden around from his house in Delaware before he returned to his home at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. where he was expected to watch the debate.

When asked by reporters yesterday if time was running out for Biden, White House press secretary Josh Earnest indicated that it was entirely up to the Vice President.

“It has been our position here since over the summer that Vice President Biden will be given all of the time and space that he needs to reach this decision,” he said, referring to the White House. “He’s obviously doing what he needs to do in order to consider that possibility, but he’ll make a decision and announce it on a timeframe of his choosing.”

The Clinton campaign, however, would like Biden to make a decision soon, as they are trying to wrap up support for Hillary.

Speaking to Yahoo News, Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta suggested that it was time for Biden to make up his mind.

“I would say that I know that he needs to make up his mind about whether he wants to run or not. I wouldn’t think that would be the criteria upon which he’d decide whether to run or not, but at this point he needs to make up his mind,” Podesta said.