Mother Grabs 9mm, Shoots Home Invasion Suspect to Save Child

Osage County
Osage County

On October 8, an unidentified female homeowner in Overbrook, Kansas, protected herself and her child by using a 9mm handgun to shoot an alleged home invader.

The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m.

According to KSNT, the homeowner heard strange noises and discovered that 48-year-old Bruce Jolly had allegedly broken into her home. Police say the homeowner told Jolly “to get out [but] he didn’t.” Instead, police say, Jolly “took another step towards the [homeowner] and she fired one shot.”

Osage County Dispatch said they received a call at 12:30 a.m. saying someone had broken into the home, and they received another call about “five minutes later” from a man who said he had been shot.

The homeowner’s one shot had hit the alleged home invader “in the abdomen.”

Police believe Jolly may be tied to auto burglaries in the area, so he could face charges as diverse as “aggravated burglary, damage to property and vehicular theft.”

David Gerisch lives across the street from the female homeowner, and he praised her for defending herself. Gerisch said, “I would have taken the exact same action that she would have. I believe she did the right thing in protecting her child from an unknown [man].”

Police say the homeowner will face no charges because she shot in self-defense.

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